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5985 02/08/2016a list of the permanent addresses, and emails for your students currently registered as seniors.Student Directory Information
5984 02/05/20161. Pursuant to applicable authority, I am writing to request copies of the following “Documents” for the athletic department staff listed below: 1. Current employment contract and salary (Letter of iContract Information
5983 02/04/2016the most updated employment contract for Tim Floyd, head basketball coach, including any appendices and/or exhibits to the contract.Contract Information
5982 02/02/2016the number of students enrolled in your health education/health promotion undergraduate program in Fall 2015. I am interested only in the track or concentration with a community health focus. I’m not Student Directory Information
5981 02/02/2016the university athletic department’s NCAA financial audit for the 2013-2014 fiscal year AND the 2014-2015 fiscal year. This is the exact same report we and others have requested and received from yourFinancial Information
5980 02/01/2016the following is a request for a list of any and all of the University of Texas at El Paso Outstanding / Voided Warrant and or Stale-dated checks 180 days old and older, which may also be known as LimExpenditures/Revenues
5979 02/01/2016An electronic copy of any and all employees for years of 2015, (fiscal or calendar year). Each employee record should contain the employer name; employer zip code; year of compensation; first name, miPersonnel Information
5978 01/27/20161. All University of Texas at El Paso football game contracts, letters, memorandums of understanding or cancellations for non-conference opponents for the 2016 season forward (filed or received from AContract Information
5977 01/27/20161) How much is UTEP charging the Catholic Diocese to rent the Sun Bowl? 2) Besides rent are there any other additional costs to the Catholic Diocese? 3) How much does UTEP charge to rent the Sun Contract Information
5976 01/25/20161. The equity/revenue-and-expenses report completed by the athletic department for the National Collegiate Athletic Association for the 2015 fiscal year. This report is a multi-page document that had Contract Information
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