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4823 03/12/2015A copy of the documents released in response to Request ID 4810: As a formal bidder (sub-contractor to the Bidder, Architectural Graphics Inc., Virginia Beach, Va.) for this contract, under the TexasContract Information
4822 03/09/2015I request access to the name of the contractor and the amount of the award to provide cleaning services for the Sun Bowl after the Monster Truck events.Contract Information
4821 03/09/2015I hereby request a copy of the entire employment contract (including any appendices or exhibits) of Sean Kugler (Football coach) and Tim Floyd (basketball coach) with the University of Texas at El PasContract Information
4820 03/05/2015I would like to request the names and mailing addresses of students who graduated in the Spring and Summer 2014 semester with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Chemistry or Natural Sciences froStudent Directory Information
4819 03/04/2015• All employees who have in their title “Business Manager” to include: o Title o Department o Salaries o Dates of employmentPersonnel Information
4818 03/02/2015• National Corporate Research, Ltd. hereby requests copies of public records held by your office within the last 10 years regarding: 1. Contracts awarded to Academic Analytics, LLC 2. Any unsuccessfContract Information
4817 02/10/2015• I request copies of research conducted by Dr. Thomas Fullerton to establish factual information related to papers on El Paso Water Utilities published by Dr. Fullerton in the El Paso Times, El Paso Personnel Information
4816 02/10/2015• I request copies of all written correspondence sent to or received from El Paso Water Utilities by Dr. Thomas Fullerton between January 1, 2014 and February 10, 2015. This would include correspondenPersonnel Information
4815 02/06/2015• This is a request for a list of the faculty salaries from the Math Department from FY 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.Budget Information
4814 02/02/2015• A list of any and all of the University of Texas at El Paso Outstanding / Voided Warrant and or Stale-dated checks, which may also be known as Limited Payability Cancellation Reports of refunds and Budget Information
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